Eagle Guard is an industry leader, providing superior products and services relating to all facets of security protection.

EGSL offers single point-of-contact for security protection, intelligence and both commercial and private security systems. With state-of-the-art technology and expertly trained, highly skilled personnel, we maintain an unwavering commitment to not only meeting, but also exceeding clients’ security and protection objectives. Whether long-term or short-term, EGSL supports each customer’s unique needs.

Eagle Guard Security’s Corporate Culture

Eagle Guard understands that any customer seeking security services demands and deserves professionalism, sensitivity, discretion and loyalty from their provider. We accomplish this by adhering to a defined corporate leadership strategy, implementing proven tactics and employing personnel trained at the highest levels of security protection. With an emphasis on quality, integrity and confidentiality, our client-driven business offers genuine value to our customers. And, because EGSL works in arenas ranging from general to sensitive, our officers use a low profile and a sophisticated approach when executing every mission.

Our Team

Eagle Guard is staffed by former military, law enforcement, government and private sector personnel, as well as licensed locksmith and low voltage technicians, with years of experience, training and formal education. Our diverse backgrounds ensure that, whatever the challenge, our team will rise to meet it.


Eagle Guard provides myriad services to our clientele, including but not limited to:

  • Training programs in contingency planning, target analysis, crisis management, personal protection, law enforcement, intelligence operations, criminal justice, organized crime, counter-terrorism, forensics, homeland security, special operations, hostage negotiations and rescue, surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Competitive intelligence, asset location and VIP protection
  • Security system design, hardware installation and maintenance
  • Database system development, data fusion and data sharing, concept development, information security design, installation, evaluation and acceptance
  • Technical surveillance equipment required for audio, sensors, video tracking, explosive ordinance disposal, photo and telephone interception operations
  • Covert surreptitious entry equipment, training and support
  • Secure electronic document management
  • Understanding terrorism, the challenges, perspectives and issues to effectively combat the problem for law enforcement, government and intelligence