Locks are recognized as the most basic security measure, something that everyone uses to protect his privacy as well as the property. From highly sophisticated to simple locks are found on doors, containers and other areas to deny entry or grant access into the perimeter of corporate, Institutional and governmental installations,

While locks are ubiquitous, different locks serve different purposes—whether in residences, businesses (such as hotels) or in institutional and governmental installations. Eagle Guard supplies locks off all kinds, from those that can be operated by using a keycard to those requiring biometric data; from keypads to electric strikes. Read on for more on our offerings.

Keypad Locks

Seeking enhanced security? Forego traditional keyed locks and instead invest in keypad locks. Keypad locks grant entry only to those with access to the required numeric sequence. Keypads can be mechanical or rely on electronic circuitry. Either way, they supply protection and peace of mind. Learn more about keypad locks.

Hotel Locks

A hotel is only as good as its security, and security begins with locks—keeping guests and their belongings safe and secure. Eagle Guard is a trusted source for hotel needs, from A to Z. From selection to installation to maintenance, depend on Eagle Guard to supply the essentials. Learn more about hotel locks.

Electronic Strike Locks / Door Buzzers

While “electronic strike” (also called door releases or door strikes) are frequently employed in apartment complexes. The benefit? Occupants can grant guests’ access to their building without physically opening ground-level door(s). Now, that’s practical. Learn more about electric strike locks.

Biometric Locks

For those seeking precision security, biometric locks are the only option. Utilizing an individual’s unique body and/or facial features, biometric locks supply enhanced security for homes, offices and government installations. These keyless locks rely on recognition—of fingerprints, of retinas, of irises or of vocals, among other things. Learn more about biometric locks.

Magnetic Strip Locks

Magnetic strip locks, which operate with plastic keycards, are found in most contemporary hotels and in many office buildings. Learn more about magnetic strip locks.

Smart Home Locks

Combine the security of an advanced home lock system with the convenience of cloud-based remote-access technology by springing for a smart home lock. Smart home locks connect to a central internet-based server that can be accessed from anywhere on earth via computer or smartphone. Learn more about smart home locks.