Our Offering:

  • Large & Small Scale Protective Teams
  • Advanced Logistical Services
  • Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Operations/Evacuations
  • Special Event Security
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Protecting executives, VIPs, property and information has become critical in our ever-evolving modern day economic environment. With the expansion of worldwide business activities and the growing demand to travel, corporations are finding themselves in some dangerous locations and, more often than not, they’re unprepared for risky uncertainties.

Violence, espionage, terrorism, extortion, kidnapping and theft are just a few of the threats faced by our world and business leaders. The individual risk to high profile personnel has been steadily increasing, and the protection of information and assets has become increasingly vulnerable.

Our team has been helping mitigate risk overseas for years and is prepared to quell said threats. Well versed in the sensitivities of mission focus, personnel and asset protection and logistics, EGSL will protect executives, dignitaries, precious cargo or internal proprietary information in a seamless manner whilst instilling a sense of security, comfort and ease. Our professionalism, experience and technology are unmatched and our customer commitment unwavering.

EGSL offers large and small-scale protective teams, advanced logistical services, risk assessments, emergency operations and evacuations and special event security.