Quick and dependable telecommunications and data services are becoming ever more essential to corporations, institutions and governmental entities, that must connect seamlessly within their units and among external parties. A sound telecom and data infrastructure is tantamount to operations, including the secure confidential transmission of corporate, institutional and governmental voice/data messages.

Eagle Guard specializes in low voltage, infrastructure cabling, audio/video, telecom and data solutions that improve the way you conduct business and communicate. Our talented team keeps abreast of developments in this fast-paced space to bring you cutting-edge designs and the latest equipment to suit any and all of your needs.

Low Voltage Wiring & Cabling

Low voltage telecommunications and data solutions involve the design and installation of cabling and equipment for voice/data networks, wireless networks, point-of-sale (POS) systems, security/surveillance and building access (card reader) systems, building management systems (BMS), hotel management systems and converged IP solutions.

Eagle Guard’s licensed technicians possess the know-how to configure low-voltage solutions to fit a range of security needs, both in businesses and in government installations. Our top-tier work conforms with professional standards, alleviating anxiety and supplying the most efficient answer to your telecommunications and data dilemmas.

Infrastructure Wiring & Cabling

Cabling is the backbone that wires data centers, offices and other locations for productive and secure data and voice communications. Today’s low-voltage cable of choice is Category 5, also known as Cat-5.

Cat-5 cable is a twisted-pair, high signal integrity cable type. While in popular use, it requires careful and precise installation for maximum efficiency and performance. The licensed technicians at Eagle Guard are experts in Cat-5 cable installation, which minimizes future problems for your place of business.

As an industry standard, Cat-5 cable offers the advantage of providing limitless options for networking phones, computer and related equipment. Even future additions can be accommodated with this versatile infrastructure cabling.

Audio/Video Wiring & Cabling

Recent and rapid developments in audio and video communications shift the way companies and government agencies communicate. Revolutionary technologies, like videoconferencing, help organizations accomplish more, travel less and keep connected at every turn.

Eagle Guard’s high-definition video and audio communication products offer clients a competitive edge. This technology makes it a breeze to share presentations, documents and multimedia content with colleagues, as well as assist in connecting team members and clients without stepping foot out of the office. Because there is a wide range of models available, our trained staff is at the ready to go over every option in order to determine what best suits your needs.