The rapid advent of technology in the past decade has vastly improved the tools of the espionage trade. The ability to collect intellectual property information, plans and intentions, formulas and designs has enhanced exponentially.

Our team has years of tactical and strategic communications experience and expertise. We provide technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and investigative support, prepared to defeat communication intercepts and protect information that must be moved despite said threats.

TSCM includes all countermeasures employed to prevent or detect the interception of sensitive, classified or private information. TSCM is typically an inspection by an experienced technician of a physical item or place in order to locate possible covert surveillance devices, technical security weaknesses and technical security hazards. A TSCM specialist can also evaluate for weaknesses of locks, alarms and other systems of physical and electronic security or controls.

EGSL provides a multi-tiered detection plan. Our offerings include basic TSCM inspections, comprehensive TSCM surveys/sweeps and, for high threat situations, protective detail TSCM surveys/sweeps. Note: it is strongly recommended that a formal vulnerability analysis or threat assessment be performed prior to any TSCM sweep.

Corporate Espionage Data-Sheet

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