Electronic Content Management

Most companies, governments and individuals find it difficult to manage the barrage of data they encounter on a daily basis. Eagle Guard offers hardware and software solutions to improve document management. These include:

  • Document Retrieval
  • Document Security
  • Compliancy Procedures (i.e., Patriot Act, Sarbanes Oxley, Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Office Supplies – we offer a complete line of office supply products that are of the highest quality at the best price)
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The complexity of integrated security systems today almost always involves the use of computers, which provide databases for intelligence analysis, high-speed secure communications and external monitoring. Because of this, Eagle Guard offers practical design and development solutions for computer systems running DOS, Windows and OS/2. Many EGSL systems feature a high degree of integration with existing systems, including PC/LAN and mainframe connectivity.

As added value for our clients, Eagle Guard also offers a full range of document solutions and business equipment, both new and reconditioned, that includes office supplies, copiers, printers, facsimiles, scanners and computer hardware. EGSL provides comprehensive analysis and delivers equipment that is reliable and cost-effective, with swift service support. In addition, Eagle Guard demonstrates to clients how they can cut costs with regards to printing, copying and faxing, while simultaneously improving document workflow.