IP camera systems are able to distribute audio and video signals over a computer network within an apartment building or office (much like our IP Intercom Systems). The camera system functions much like any other computer operating on a local area network, which provides for flexibility. If you have multiple locations in different buildings, this type of system can provide for maximum connectivity and reach.

So how does this work? The system is connected to a web-based server that can be easily accessed from anywhere via a computer or mobile device. The system allows users to interact with a secure area from afar, making it possible to monitor and observe the happenings in and around their covered assets. IP camera systems all this either on-site or remotely.

IP cameras are becoming very popular within homes, businesses, and public building sectors. In a residential capacity, IP cameras can help offer another layer of security when you are away or hear a bump in the night.

IP cameras are also a critical component being embraced by many school districts in the wake of ever-increasing security concerns within schools. With the ability to actively monitor situations throughout the education complex, school officials have the ability to act quickly when issues arise to isolate certain areas and secure students and staff.