Sometimes the added peace of mind can make all the difference in a security installation. Eagle Guard Security is able to install systems and also provide monitoring assistance. If you opt for this service, the alarm system will be connected to a remote central monitoring station, which receives signals that reports the conditions of the area that is being monitored.

When an alarm is triggered, a signal is sent from the business or home to a dispatcher who immediately calls that location to verify whether or not the alarm went off accidentally. Typically, whoever answers the phone must provide a secret password known only to them and the dispatchers. If the password is not provided or the call goes unanswered, an intrusion is presumed, and local authorities are dispatched to the scene or more calls are made to an approved list.

Our clients can also ask the monitoring service to test the effectiveness of their alarm system. In “test” mode, any feature of the alarm can be tested, and the monitoring service can verify from where in the home they received the signal.